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This is the online home for the Wicklas Family. Catch little glimpses of life at our house. We have movies posted for everything from birthday parties to Chris’ music. So click away to your heart’s content.

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My Movies

Chloe’s First Concert Chloe’s First Concert 10:46
12/4/07 — Chloe started playing the violin this year. Her first concert was quite the event... we were very proud! Click on the link above to see portions of the show.

Star Wars Nation Star Wars Nation 8:19
12/6/05 — This one was another project from my class and a lot of fun. It's a mockumentary about the extreme Star Wars fan. We had to work on it as a group. I did all of the editing and special effects. There's some pretty cool lightsaber action.

Cheaties Cheaties :59
11/4/05 — Okay... it's been forever, so here's an update. I took some video production classes at COD. Here is a commercial that I made for one of my projects.

Bob & Larry Go For A Stroll Bob & Larry Go For A Stroll 1:19
9/30/05 — This is my first crack at stop motion animation. Having the toys handy is just one of the many perks of having small children. Enjoy!

The Fort The Fort 3:40
4/3/04 — The kids decided to build a fort in the living room one day. Click on the title to receive a personalized tour.

Chloe’s Show And Tell Chloe’s Show And Tell 2:58
10/24/03 — Chloe's kindergarten class is allowed to bring in a "Show and Tell" item to correspond with whatever letter they are learning that week. This is what she brought in for the letter "D".

Cornerstone -- Day Two Cornerstone -- Day Two 3:39
7/1/03 — Day two at Cornerstone and it is hot, sticky and dusty!!! Here are a couple of clips from The Wayside's set at the Gallery Stage.

Pet Worms Pet Worms 4:13
5/3/03 — I'll let this one speak for itself. I never thought this would happen having daughters.

Snow Day II Snow Day II 2:44
3/5/03 — We finally got some snow this winter! Figures that we get it in March. Anyway... Chloe, Bryn and I had a lot of fun playing in it.

I Can’t Dance I Can’t Dance 3:28
2/22/03 — I got the awesome privilege to play with The Sparks at a Salvation Army Worship Leader's retreat. It was a blast! Here’s one of my favorite songs.

Swimming in the Big Girl Pool Swimming in the Big Girl Pool 2:11
7/21/02 — We found out that Chloe is part fish! She's totally a natural. Click on the movie title to see Chloe's first experience in the "Big Girl" pool at Auntie Kathy's house.

Spring Fever Spring Fever 2:09
4/24/02 — It?s that time of the year again. The time when we shake off our winter blues, rub the sleep out of our eyes and venture outdoors. We did this a couple of weeks ago. Here?s what happened.

We Got Leaves! We Got Leaves! 2:20
11/7/01 — Raking our yard is always a bit of a chore. We filled 40-30 gallon bags to the brim with leaves! Click on the link to see how we took a break.

The Tank of Relaxation The Tank of Relaxation 1:21
8/1/01 — This movie is a bit self-indulgent. I like to sit and stare at my fish tank to relax. I cant take my fish to work, but at least I can watch them on the web.

Bryn Turns Two! Bryn Turns Two! 3:23
7/29/01 — It's hard to believe, but Bryn is already two! Join in on the celebration. It's kind of a large download, but it's worth the wait.

The Rock That Doesn’t Roll The Rock That Doesn’t Roll 2:41
7/7/01 — The Wayside had the opportunity to back up Larry Norman on the main stage at the 2001 Cornerstone Music Festival. Lots of humidity, lots of PA and about 8000 people... It was very cool!

Chloe’s New Buddy Chloe’s New Buddy 2:10
1/24/01 — We had just gone out and bought a puppy as a surprise for Chloe on her birthday! See her reaction. She had no idea...

Snow Day Snow Day 2:40
12/12/00 — We had a quite a snow storm back in December of 2000. Work was closed, school was closed. What were we to do?

Won’t Get Fooled Again Won’t Get Fooled Again 3:23
7/4/00 — Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be in a band that played this famous Who song. I had my chance at the 2000 Cornerstone Music Festival.

Chloe Sings 1:08
5/15/00 — Is Chloe a maestro in the making? I don’t know. You decide.

All The Time 1:16
5/29/99 — This is an oldie, but a goodie. I got a chance to sit in with Beki Hemingway a couple of years ago. I sure miss those guys!


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